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Skyrocket your Business with Our AI sales Assistant

Smart Sales Consulting & Effective Sales Closing
Our AI Sales Assistants deliver natural and engaging sales suggestions based on your customers input, leading to a great customer experience that helps boost sales, able to persuade them to make a purchase, as such increasing sales conversion rates.
Automated Order Creation
The ability to automate the ordering process, providing your customers with a smooth and effortless experience that can lead to increased sales and higher customer satisfaction.
Automated Customer Care
Our AI Sales Assistants are optimized to provide the best possible customer care throughout the purchasing process, helping your business to retain customers and increase sales.
Scalable Customer Volume Handle
The ability to deal with a high number of customers, making it easy to manage thousands or even millions of orders.
Omnichannel Support
The ability to connect to multiple sales channels to increase sales.
Seamless Human-AI Collaboration
Our AI Sales Assistants and Humans work together to provide your customers with the best service.
Content Creator and Marketing tools (Coming soon)
Provide Content Creator and Marketing toolsuite to promote products widely.
Actionable Insights (Coming soon)
Use our built-in analytics to survey and optimize chatbot conversation and enhance user experience.

Build a Multilingual AI Sale Assistant powered by OpenAi - GPT

Sales Enabled Assistant01
Build with AI sales-enabling powered OpenAI GPT and AutoBiz Tech-stack
Easy Your Data Training02
Easily trained your own data to make them serve more accurate and compatible with your business.
Omnichannel integration03
Embed the AutoBiz Web Widget on your website, E-Commerce Platform or easily integrate it with any other messaging app, live chat software or your own application
Multi-lingual Support04
Our Assistant can comprehend +120 languages and dialects powered by OpenAI
Contextual resolution05
Archive all user information and retrieve it at any point in any conversation. Storing and referencing information makes Chatbot conversations more efficient.
You can customize everything about your customer interactions like, messages, widgets and much more.

Flexible Price

Free Trial

  • GPT-3.5
  • Max training token: 20.000 (20 Pdf pages)
  • 200.000 free AI-generated token/month
  • Integrations via web widget

First 7 Days

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  • GPT-3.5
  • Max training token: 70.000 (70 Pdf pages)
  • 2.000.000 token credits/month
  • 4 Seats (Teammate) included
  • 3 Apps chat Integration
  • Integrations via web widget
  • Omnichannel Integration
  • Custom Assistant Branding
  • Upload multiple files

$19 /Assistant/Month

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Scale Recommended

  • GPT-3.5
  • Max training token: 150.000 (150 Pdf pages)
  • 4.000.000 token credits/month
  • 10 Seats (Teammate) included
  • 5 Apps chat Integration
  • Integrations via web widget
  • Omnichannel Integration
  • Custom Assistant Branding
  • Upload multiple files

$69 /Assistant/Month

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  • GPT-4
  • Max training token: 250.000 (250 Pdf pages)
  • 6.000.000 token credits/month
  • Custom Seats included
  • All Supported Apps chat
  • Integrations via web widget
  • Omnichannel Integration
  • Custom Assistant Branding
  • Upload multiple files

$399 /Assistant/Month

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With AutoBiz, you can boost your bottom line to new heights, unlocking unparalleled growth and profitability for your business.
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Frequently Asked Question

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AI Sales Assistant boosts E-commerce sales with smart sales consulting, effective sales closing and automated order creation.
With multi-channel sales integration and optional modification, your businesses unlock unparalleled growth. Free trial now!

AutoBiz uses ChatGPT (gpt-3.5-turbo) for its chatbots.
However, users can edit their chatbot settings to use GPT-4 instead (coming soon), which consumes 20 message credits per message compared to the 1 message credit per message used by ChatGPT.

A total of 95 languages are supported by AutoBiz

It’s not necessary. The AI Sales Assistant is typically accompanied by a user-friendly interface that simplifies the configuration process and allows businesses to easily navigate and utilize its features.

Yes, AutoBiz is designed to benefit businesses of all sizes, ranging from small and medium enterprises to larger corporations.
Its scalable and customizable nature allows it to adapt to the specific needs and growth trajectories of different businesses.

Yes, AutoBiz can be connected to popular platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopee, TikTokShop, and others, allowing businesses to leverage its capabilities without significant disruptions to their existing infrastructure.